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Alexis Wood, owner / operator of A Local Photo, has been passionate about photography for over two decades. She started with engagement and wedding photos and naturally migrated to taking pictures of those same couples babies and families as they grew. 

Today Alexis travels throughout NJ, NY & PA helping families capture the most precious moments of their lives. She specializes in working with small children and children with unique needs. 

As a mom herself, she tirelessly works to get the most aesthetically pleasing shots, while still capturing the essence of each individual. 

Alexis looks forward to meeting new people and making life long relationships with her clients. If there is something you do not see in her gallery, just ask, she can do it all.


My Story

My interest in photography started in 1989.

At 6 years old, I quickly became interested in my parents latest technologies; camcorders, cameras, etc. They allowed me to start using their Canon 110ed 110 Cartridge Flash Hotshoe, my first camera. With an innate desire and the propensity to create art; I began to explore the world through photography.


In 2002, I took my first intro the photography course at Ocean County College to learn the basics of film development, dark room technique, and how to operate a camera manually. That is when my real photography  journey began. Off I went with a pocket full of film, brand new Nikon N65, 50mm lens and zero money left in my bank account =)

Driven to work and success, I continued my college career and obtained a BS in Science (pre-med) while holding three jobs; photography always being one of them. I worked professionally in the Dental Field for more than 15 years while very slowly building my photography business on the side photographing couples, families and children.

Fast forward to 2022:

I now have two decades of experience as a professional photographer/business owner, loyal clients, new clients and a gift of capturing life's most precious moments. I ensure every client session is personal, customized and authentic. I believe in real organic moments, no filters, no photoshop. If the sun is shining, there will be sun in our photos. If you have a post pregnancy weight, that's what you will see in your photos. This is LIFE and we are all so blessed. 


My Story


My two daughters:
Victoria Anne (10)
Vanessa June (7)

My daughters:

Victoria Anne(9)

Vanessa June (5)

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